Aura Quartz

Aura Quartz, a blend of science and mysticism, showcases microscopic wonders and echoes ancient alchemy. Recognized for healing since the 80s, it's now widely used in energy work and meditation. Created through electrostatic bonding, it combines Quartz with minerals like Gold or Platinum, resulting in a range of crystal types.
Every type of Aura Quartz possesses a distinct essence, transforming it into a crystal of synergy. It beautifully reminds us of the extraordinary miracles nature offers when we nurture curiosity and a thirst for exploration.
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is aura quartz real?
Aura Quartz isn't a raw crystal by definition; instead, these crystals undergo a process called 'vapor deposition,' wherein elemental metals coat them. While the raw materials are natural, the method itself is not.

Aura quartz healing properties
High vibration induces joy and positivity.
A protective shield around the auric field for mental clarity.
Support for emotional regulation, stability, and grounding.
Facilitates self-evaluation and positive transformation.
Encourages action toward true desires, aligning with life path and manifesting goals.
proves beneficial for individuals dealing with heavy workloads. It alleviates mental and emotional fatigue, restoring a harmonious balance between these faculties.

where to place Aura quartz?
Aura Quartz finds versatile use in various settings:
Outside: Position it by an entrance to repel disruptive energy, preserving your space's mental and emotional balance.
On the Body: Carry it in a pocket or wear it as jewelry during mentally or emotionally challenging situations to maintain balance.
Inside: Place Aura Quartz by the bedside or in a meditation space, promoting peace and clarity.

Aura quartz variations:
Angel Aura Quartz or Opal Aura Quartz, cleanses and balances all chakras, purifying the aura. This serene stone facilitates the recall of past-life lessons and aligns with the current spiritual purpose of the user.
rainbow aura quartz Balancing every chakra and activating Kundalini energy, Rainbow Aura Quartz provides healing to dysfunctional relationships. This stone offers insight by releasing resentment, grief, and karmic ties.
Aqua Aura Quartz catalyzes activating psychic gifts while robustly amplifying the energy of accompanying crystals. Revered for its protective and truthful attributes, this stone extends a serious shield against psychic attacks and negative energies. Its exceptional beauty is underscored by its resilience and gravity within crystal practices.

In conclusion, Aura Quartz crystals retain the inherent properties of Quartz while incorporating the additional healing attributes of the elemental metals with which they are bonded. This unique synthesis enhances their overall potential, offering a blend of qualities from both the Quartz and the specific metal, resulting in crystals that bring a harmonious fusion of energies to the realm of healing and metaphysics.
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