Carry the magick with perfume bottles

Every tool we carry holds a piece of our essence, a fragment of our power. For the modern eclectic witch navigating the bustling world, a discreet and portable method to carry and manifest spells becomes essential. Here, the humble perfume bottle transforms into a vessel of enchantment, blending the practical with the magical. Join me on a journey into the why, where, and how of carrying homemade potions in perfume bottles.

Why Perfume Bottles?

apothecary seamlessly blend into your daily routine, concealed within a stylish perfume bottle. Why perfume bottles? It's the perfect fusion of practicality and secrecy, offering a discreet way to carry your crafted protections spells and elixirs while doubling as an elegant addition to your altar, sacred space and witchy decor.

Perfume bottles seamlessly slip into any scenario, from boardrooms to moonlit gatherings. having my powers in potential to burst makes me feel protected wherever i go , awaiting their moment of enchantment.

Over the years, I've acquired a couple of valuable tips to share—

Just for you Paganix tips for curing & carrying potions !

1.Choose quality perfume bottles which you can tightly close .
2.Apply a thin layer of beeswax or natural wax around the bottle's threading to prevent leaks.
3.Opt for perfume bottles with airtight seals to preserve the essence of your spells.
4.Store bottles in cool, dark spaces to minimize exposure to external elements.
Inconvenient Application:
5.Select bottles with user-friendly applicators, ensuring precision and avoiding over-application.
6.Test the applicator before crafting your potion to ensure a seamless user experience.
7.Choose bottles with wider openings for easy and mess-free refilling.
8.Utilize a funnel or a dropper for precise pouring during the refill process.
Breakage and Fragile Design
9.Consider a protective carrying case to shield the bottle from potential impacts.
10.Prefer transparent or semi-transparent bottles to monitor the potion levels easily.
11.Maintain a log of potion-making dates to estimate freshness.
12.Prioritize sleek and compact designs for portability.
13.Look for bottles designed for travel, ensuring they fit seamlessly into your witchy arsenal.
14.Craft potions with ingredients resistant to external influences.
15.Store bottles in a dedicated pouch or compartment to shield them from unwanted exposure.
16.Choose bottles tailored for on-the-go use, emphasizing travel-friendly features.
17.Consider miniature versions of your favorite potions for quick touch-ups.
18.Embrace refillable bottles, allowing you to customize and switch between potions effortlessly.

Crafting my own protection spells, potions and ritual oils , relying on old age secrets, and carrying them with me have significantly heightened my manifestation levels. Not only do I emanate a pleasant fragrance, but, above all, I feel fulfilled. Join the magic and embrace Paganix!

Carry the magick with perfume bottles
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