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Hag Stone, Holy Stone, Witches Stone

Hag Stone, Holy Stone, Witches Stone

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 Beach-Gathered Hag Stone
Craving enchantment and spiritual safeguarding? Introducing the Beach-Gathered Hag Stone, a cherished talisman among witches. This magickal stone, also called Holey Stones or Witches Stones, is an ideal embellishment for jewelry making, adding mystique to your witch altar, ritual tools, or crafting witchy jewelry.

Hag stone is an Amulet of Grounding: Carry for a portable source of grounding source.
Oceanic Energy Connection: Channel elemental power for a deeper spiritual connection.
Manifest connection with Love Attraction Ritual: Toss hug stone back into the ocean to attract love.

Tip: Connect the stones with a fishing line to create a beautiful levitating home decor piece.

more tips and info about hag stones 

Technical Info:

Small: .25 to .75 inches
Medium: .75 to 2 inches
Hole Characteristics:
Each stone has at least one hole; some have multiple openings.
Variety Displayed:
Photo showcases a diverse range.
Purchase Details:
Your purchase is for one stone.
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Enhance your spiritual journey, protection, and manifestation abilities with Seaside Enchantments: Beach-Gathered Hag Stone. Dive into enchantment today!

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