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Mini Glass Bottles with Cork Stoppers

Mini Glass Bottles with Cork Stoppers

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want some extra creativity in your spell jars? Introducing our Mini Glass Perfume Bottles, are designed to elevate your creative expressions and add a sprinkle of magic to your life. Say goodbye to worries about fragile glass – these durable and reliable perfume bottles are here to take your manifestation to another level

Durable and Resilient: Crafted from high borosilicate glass, these mini perfume bottles are not just transparent and smooth but also robust, ensuring worry-free usage unless dropped from a considerable height. Unleash your manufacturing ideas with confidence!
Versatile Applications: Let your creativity run wild – these glass cork perfume bottles serve a myriad of purposes. Store beautiful beads, send heartfelt blessing notes, preserve seeds, or even fashion your own unique perfume bottles. Transform your living space, hotels, bars, parties, cafes, and restaurants with these versatile gems.
Compact and Chic: Check out the sizes marked in the photos before purchasing – these wishing drifting cork perfume bottles are small, exquisite, and cute. Their compact design ensures they're easy to carry and store, effortlessly blending into any space without taking up precious room.
Tip: Use these bottles to capture and display your dreams by writing them down on tiny scrolls placed inside.

Technical Info:

Material: High quality glass
Color: Transparent 
Size: As shown in the figure (refer to marked size in photos)
Pattern Options: Slanted Heart, Star, Heart, Plum, Ball, Tapered cone, XO, Rectangular, Round drum, Water droplets
Packing: 10Pcs * Glass Perfume Bottle

Enhance your surroundings, capture your aspirations, and manifest a more imaginative reality. Elevate your spaces with our Mini Glass Perfume Bottles – because the smallest things can make the biggest impact. Your journey to a more enchanting life starts here! 

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