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Spell candles - Box of 40

Spell candles - Box of 40

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 our Set of 40 Witch altar spell Candle Chimes—a must-have for spellcraft success, you will never get stuck as you them all colors. This set features 40 spell candles in 10 assorted colors, each measuring .5" x 4", perfectly suited for your altar tables and your diverse needs.

Empower Your Intentions: Ritual candles, or chime candles, transcend mere tools; they are conduits for your magical desires. Experience the potency of 40 assorted color candles, providing a customizable and powerful ritual experience.

Personalized Craftsmanship: Prior to use, cleanse and charge these candles to mold them into personalized instruments for your craft. The .5" x 4" size ensures they're ideal for altar tables, offering you a versatile array of 40 candles in assorted colors.

steady burn: Our candles boast solid color all the way through, ensuring a clean burn that makes them indispensable in your magical toolkit. From chime holders to wicca supplies, witchcraft, pagan altar candles, and more, these candles are your key to versatile spellcraft.

Versatile Applications: Whether for voodoo, hoodoo, magic, spells, ceremonies, dinner parties, or home decor, our candles shine. Illuminate Hanukkah, Christmas Angel Chime Candles, Shabbat, and beyond with this 40 Assorted Color Candle Kit.

Elevate Your Craft: Your magical journey awaits—seize it with our 40 Assorted Color Candle Kit, the ultimate resource for all your spellcasting and ritual needs. Transform each moment into a magical experience with this indispensable set.

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